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Creating beautiful brochures for residential and commercial builders, at no cost, since 1989.


"I have had nothing but positive responses from the brochure Builder Publications created for my company. This tool has helped me to establish my credibility instantly with possible clients. I offered to send references to a prospective client and they said, 'That won't be necessary. We can see from your brochure that you know what you are doing.' All of your hard work really paid off."

- Edgar H. Mullen. Mullen Construction

"The reception of the new brochure has been great and all of our clients and current business associates have really enjoyed the new look. Thank you for everything. This is a wonderful product."

- Michael P. Allen, President, M.P. Allen

"Thanks for everything! We have received our copies of the publication and it is now in circulation. I have been hearing many positive comments around the office and from our sales associates since we got our new brochures."

- Haley Young, US Home


"Our experience working with your organization was very pleasurable. There were only positive surprises. We can identify a number of sales that took place after buyers reviewed the publication. We greatly appreciate the opportunity that you provided to us."

- Alan R. Kennedy, President, DeHaven Homes, Phoenix, AZ


"The artwork is first class, I'm certain that the subcontractors who advertised in this issue will get great value for their advertising investment. You did everything you said you would do, on time and to the highest levels of my expectations."

- Frank Firmani, President, Charter Construction - Seattle, Washington


"You are able to capture the spirit of teamwork and quality that is the essence of this corporation. The pictures of our homes along with the advertising were top quality."

- Jerry C. Reeves, P.E., J.C. Reeves Corporation - Portland Oregon


"I was suspicious that there would be some hidden cost to me. Not only did I not spend a penny, the brochures were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I will be calling you again when we build our next community."

- Jim Strang, President, Strang Development Corp. - Dallas, TX


"The final product is a piece we are certainly proud of and we are enjoying the many complimentary remarks and inquiries that we are receiving. You and your team work well together as is obvious from the end result. It was a pleasure to work with you."

- Chris Richardson, Marketing Coordinator Colony Management Inc., Vancouver, BC

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